kwaliteit volgens de huisstijlbanknorm
Your corporate identity in professional quality available on the Internet.
The Brandbank standard.

uw huisstijl veilig online opgeslagen
Safe storage for all your house style data, available for who you want and when you want it. You also have
a safe backup for your data.

huisstijlinformatie voor professionals
Professionals such as; printers, web designers, marketing companies etc. can use your corporate identity with no questions asked !

The Brandbank ensures that your corporate identity is always used in the correct manner !


huisstijlpagina als voorbeeld voor uw huisstijlmanagement
Your corporate identity has its own Internet site with a house style sheet containing all the information on your logo.

Your house style is available in EPS-, AI-, JPG- and PNG-format.

door het huisstijlmanagement van de nooit meer zoeken naar uw huisstijl
Now everyone you want, has access to your online house style. A banner placed on your website will lead to your domain:

via deze banners vind u onze huisstijl
kleine banner
A direct link on your website to your online corporate identity data.


Download hier onze huisstijlinformatie op De

NEWS -> New module

Business card module
Produce your own business cards with our new business
card module.
Quick, cheap, in your house style.

HOME -> how does it work ?

What is the Brandbank ?
As the word says The Brandbank is a bank, not for money but for a just as valuable commodity; your house style.

The Brandbank does not design
Just as a bank does not make money, we do not create your house style. We ensure however that this is stored according to professional standards (The Brandbank standard).

For who ?
The Brandbank is available for every company and organisation who finds it important that their house style is always used in the correct manner and at the highest quality.

Quality for professionals !
Professionals such as; printers, web designers, marketing companies etc. can reproduce your corporate identity with no questions asked !

To supply:
You supply, preferably digital, your house style/logo. We ensure that this is vectorised and digitised. We determine the correct colours and colour codes and supply an example of the typeface.

House style page
We ensure that you recieve a house style sheet as shown in the margin (left). On this sheet your logo with the correct typeface and colour codes (PMS, RGB CMYK etc.) are registered.

You are now insured of the correct use of your house style.

Flexible and controllable !
Permission for use of your house style is quickly and easily arranged via a request form. The request is received via e-mail and access can be immediately granted or denied. Management tools can be used to control and review the requests.

A banner on your Internet site
You place the banner "you find our house style on The" on your Internet site. This links directly to your house style page. Everyone who needs information on your house style, can request it directly.


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